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Building Blocks Learning Center’s philosophy is based on a developmental approach, which emphasizes learning through play.

Activities for each developmental stage are specifically selected to encourage and challenge children, without rushing them to learn skills for which they are not yet ready.

This is supported through years of research in child development & by well-known theorists such as Vygotsky & Piaget. While they have different perspectives on how play influences cognitive development, both find that it is the building block for children’s construction of knowledge.


Children are involved in learning experiences, which are interesting, and give them daily opportunities to explore and discover the world through their senses. At Building Blocks Learning Center, we recognize that young children are very special people with unique personalities and individual needs.



To provide preschoolers with an early learning experience that will foster self-confidence and creativity, teach them to read, write, solve math problems, and get along with others.  

To create an environment that is safe, fun, age-appropriate and nurturing. By doing so, we set the framework for fostering age appropriate learning experiences that are memorable and doable.


Building Blocks adheres to the principle that children learn best through play.

Building Blocks utilizes the evidence-based, research-backed Creative Curriculum System, which supports our efforts by providing a stimulating curriculum that encourages exploration, discovery, and creativity while building a child’s self esteem, confidence, and critical thinking skills.  

Creative Curriculum is comprehensive, focusing on multiple content areas through daily activities. It guides teachers in ways to challenge children in their learning, through the use of multiple teaching approaches including asking children questions, talking to them about what they are doing, and challenging their thinking.
 We encourage children to observe, take things apart, build, and see what they can find out. The more active children are in their work, the more they learn and remember. 

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