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(Programs and Curriculum)


Building Blocks utilizes the “award-winning research based” Creative Curriculum.  Building Blocks adheres to the principle that children learn best through play. The Creative Curriculum supports our efforts by providing a stimulating curriculum that encourages exploration, discovery, and creativity while building a child’s self esteem, confidence and critical thinking skills. 


Ages 1 – 2

Ratios 6:1 and 11:1 


Environment is spacious and materials support the toddlers need to explore, discover and to be independent. Daily routines provide for playful, meaningful, and engaging experiences. Activities focus on language, math, science, literacy skills, and physical development. Children are read to aloud and they are encouraged to engage in conversation. Group play and outdoor time promote discovery and help develop social skills. Play, nurturing, and encouragement, form part of each experience as these are fundamental to learning.



Ages 3 - 4

Ratios 15:1 and 20:1

Materials are organized to support young preschoolers’ initiative to practice their new skills; test things out, and express their ideas and feelings. Spaces are organized to encourage preschoolers’ to select activities, engage in hands-on exploration and pretend play, and develop the ability to play cooperatively. Small muscles and hand eye coordination continue to be strengthened through art activities, sand and water play, work with manipulative toys, blocks, and writing. Routines include many activities for large muscle development. Stories and books are used to increase familiarity with the meaning of letters and words (emerging literacy) and to foster the idea of reading as a pleasurable activity.



Ages 4

Ratios 11:1

Or 20: 1 Lead teacher and 1 Assistant


VPK is the last preschool experience before Kindergarten. The VPK program is designed to give each child the best possible opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life. Daily schedules place great emphasis on literacy skills, math, critical thinking skills, and independence. Each School Year Program consists of 540 instructional hours, teachers are qualified, and class sizes are in accordance with the standards set forth by the ELC. Eligible children must be Florida residents age 4 born on or before Sept. 1. Hours 9am – 12pm VPK is a FREE to parents program. 



VPK Extended /PK 4-5/6

Ratios 20:1

Routines provide increased opportunities for independent and small group play. Interest centers support older preschoolers’ developing ability to organize their own play, assign roles and tasks, and work towards a common goal. Staff interaction focuses on assisting preschoolers to organize information that they gather, develop and understand number concepts, practice reasoning and problem solving, and expand communication skills. Independent and group activities with books and stories promote reading readiness. Teachers create a print rich environment with signs, labels, and charts and provide daily opportunities to draw, paint and engage in writing activities, Children are increasingly involved in helping to set limits for positive and caring behaviors.


Summer Camp


Summer Camp is fun time at Building Blocks! Activities include arts and crafts, water play, pony rides, petting zoos, bounce houses, field trips, special guests, magic shows and a whole lot more.


Also included in our Summer Camp schedule is time for learning and reinforcing math, literacy, and science concepts. 



Drop In Care


Provided we have spaces available, Building Blocks offers drop in care for children 1-5/6. Parents are required to provide immunization records and physical exam in addition to completing a registration packet.


School Readiness


Building Blocks accepts School Readiness applicants.



Building Blocks is a CCFP approved provider. Building Blocks serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and an early evening, light snack at 5pm for our late departures. 


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